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Five Basics of Roommate Etiquette

Five Basics of Roommate Etiquette

Five Basics of Roommate Etiquette

Are you preparing your apartment for a roommate?  Do you live with a roommate that is messy, disorganized, and disrespectful?  When you live with another person that causes a certain level of discontent in your life, you may struggle to find peace in your own apartments.  Although our apartment for rent in Gainesville, FL are the perfect place to share with a roommate, you will still want to establish some ground rules when you are sharing your home with someone else.  There are a few basics of roommate etiquette you should both follow.

Keep the Bathroom Tidy

If you share a bathroom with your roommate, you will want to be decent when you are using this shared space.  Clean up after yourself, wipe up any spills or water on the floor, and pick up your dirty laundry and towels.  Keeping this space clean is essential for avoiding fights about dirt, grime, and other gross issues that can happen in a bathroom.

Ask Before You Use Their Stuff

Make sure that you always ask before you borrow anything of your roommate's.  When you are living with someone else, this doesn’t give you access to all of their belongings.  If you want to borrow their bike or wear their clothes, be sure that you ask first.  Never assume that because something is sitting there, you are able to use it.

Be Respectful with Guests

If you constantly have parties or sleepovers with your significant other, your roommate may start to feel cramped in their own home.  Make sure that you are respectful when you have guests over, and don't overdo it.  Avoid having large parties, and always check with your roommate to make sure that they are okay with having guests over that evening.  The last thing you want to is host a party the night before your roommate has to work a 12-hour shift at North Florida Regional Hospital.

Do Your Part

Come up with responsibilities and chores that you and your roommate need to take care of, and then make sure that you follow through with your part.  By neglecting basic apartment care, you may actually start to cause issues between you and your roommate, and this can make living conditions uncomfortable or even bitter.

Make Your Payments

When you need to constantly ask your roommate to pay their share of the bills and rent, you will become tired of this process.  Be a good roommate and make your payments on time so that you aren't always behind on rent.  This could make a bad impression on both of you, and your landlord may start to notice.

These are some of the basics of roommate etiquette that you should follow to live in peace with your roommate.  When you are looking for a roommate to share one of our spacious, 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, you will want to choose wisely.  Contact us to schedule a tour of our apartment complex today.

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