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Four Simple Activities to Entertain Kids and Dogs in Your Apartment

Four Simple Activities to Entertain Kids and Dogs in Your Apartment

Four Simple Activities to Entertain Kids and Dogs in Your Apartment

When you live in an apartment with a family, you are already spending a lot of time in close quarters.  Adding a dog to the mix can sometimes make things even more hectic.  However, there are many ways to entertain everyone at the same time.  At our apartments in Gainesville, FL, we offer pet-friendly rentals and have accommodations that are specific for families with pets.  There are many things to do to keep both your kids and your dog happy and busy while living in your apartment.  Here is a list of activities that can entertain both kids and dogs in apartments so that everyone is happy.

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Teaching your dog to respond to commands can not only be helpful, but it can also be fun.  Working with your dog can increase his attention span.  He'll likely sit nice, roll over, play dead, or give paw in order to get another tasty treat from your kid.  This is a great way for the two of them to bond and stay calm indoors.  

Paint a Picture of Your Dog

If you are up for the challenge, take out the paint (preferably washable) and let your kids paint a portrait of their dog.  Your kids will have such a great time using their creativity to paint a picture of the dog and also be an artist for a day.  Your kids will enjoy telling your dog where to sit, how to pose, and how to behave during their portrait painting session.  Also, you can turn this into wall art later.

Have a Dog Photoshoot

Set up a dog photoshoot in your apartment for your kids and your dog.  Let your kids go behind the camera to capture their furry friend in different poses and in different settings.  This can happen at home, or for those of you who are more adventurous, you can go outside on the apartment grounds and to the dog park to capture the scenery.  

Go to the Dog Park

Taking your dog outdoors for some adventures is great for the entire family.  The outdoors offers many benefits to renew your energy and connect with nature, and your dog will love the attention and fresh air just as much as your kids.  If your dog walks well on a leash, let your kids lead them on a walk on our trails.  Or maybe your dog loves playing fetch in our spacious dog park here in our apartments in Gainesville, FL.  Play ball, run around, and enjoy the outdoors with your dog and kids.  

These are just a few of the ways you can keep both your kids and your dog happy while living in your apartment.  If you are looking for pet-friendly apartments in Gainesville, FL, contact us today to hear about our availability and our accommodations for your entire family, dog included.

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