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How to Child Proof Your Gainesville Apartment

How to Child Proof Your Gainesville Apartment

How to Child Proof Your Gainesville Apartment

Are you anxious to bring your baby home to your apartment?  Between electrical sockets to furniture corners to hot appliances, there are a variety of hazards in your home.  Being a parent has immediately changed the way that you view your apartment, and now all you see are the dangers everywhere.  In order to prepare your apartments in Gainesville, FL for your child, you should consider putting in some childproofing mechanisms that will give you peace of mind and keep your child out of harm's way.  There are a few tips on childproofing when you live in an apartment.

Stow or Secure Any Loose Wires

When you have loose and exposed wires, your child can easily reach for them, play with them, or even just lay on them without realizing it.  Electrical wires can easily get wrapped around their limbs, resulting in strangulation or electrocution.  You will want to fasten or secure any loose wires to walls or safely stowed under furniture.  

Secure Electrical Appliances

When you are childproofing, you need to take notice of any electrical appliances, heat producing appliances, or power tools.  These will need to be safely secured or stowed away from children.  You want to make sure that lamps are safely secured on the tops of tables and that their wires are not exposed.  Children can easily pull unsecured lamps down onto themselves.  Also, check that all of your kitchen appliances do not have any exposed or frayed wires.  

Cover Your Outlets and Power Strips

Children love to explore, and they often start exploring through their sense of touch.  The last thing you want your child to do is to stick their finger in an exposed outlet.  This can quickly lead to electrocution, which could result in serious internal injuries.  By covering wall outlets with simple outlet covers, you greatly reduce this from occurring.  

Lock Cabinets

Children will love to open and close your cabinet doors, so be sure that you invest in a few cabinet locks so that they can't access their contents.  This is especially important for kitchen and bathroom items, as cleaning supplies, glassware, silverware, cosmetics, and other supplies can be toxic and dangerous for children.

Use Baby Gates

Baby gates are a great investment for anyone renting an apartment, as you can easily adjust it to fit any opening and block your baby from going into other rooms.  This is a great idea for parents who need to cook dinner, get work done, or simply want to restrict their baby from going down the hallway and out of sight.  

By following these few tips, you'll have your apartment childproofed and safe before your baby even starts crawling.  As a parent, you want to rest-assured that all the hazards are covered and the area is safe for your baby to explore.  In our apartments in Gainesville, FL, you can find plenty of space to watch your family grow and enjoy every precious moment.  Contact us to hear about our spacious family-friendly apartment layouts today.

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