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Pet Etiquette in Your Apartment Complex

Pet Etiquette in Your Apartment Complex

Pet Etiquette in Your Apartment Complex

Owning a pet is one of life's greatest joys, but when you live in communal living, it can be your neighbor's nightmare.  To prevent your pet from becoming a nuisance in your apartment community, you will want to abide by some basic rules.  Many residents keep their pets safe, healthy, and clean when they live in communities like our apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, but this is a challenge for others.  In order to keep the peace with your neighbors, you should follow these simple pet etiquette tips when you have a pet in your apartment.

Know Where they Can Go, and Keep it Clean

Whenever you take your dog for walks on the apartment grounds, you should always use the designated areas for pets.  Also, you will always want to be prepared to clean up after you pet, using proper waste removal bags and bins that are distributed throughout the complex.  If you have an indoor pet, you want to clean up the litter box frequently to avoid any permanent odors.

Socialize Your Dog

Be sure that your dog is properly socialized to interact with both pets and humans.  Because you will be living in a community, you want to be sure that your dog is accustomed to other dogs when they are playing in the dog park.  You always want to keep your dog from showing any aggressive behavior towards others.

Train Them to Be Quiet

It's no secret that pets can be loud when they are excited or concerned.  However, when they are loud frequently, this is an issue for community living.  Be sure that you respect your neighbors and keep your animals from being loud inside your unit, especially late at night.  If you need to, train your dog to respond to commands to quiet down.

Keep Them Clean

Smelly and dirty animals can leave an odor behind in your unit and in the amenities that you share with other animals.  Be sure that you frequently bathe your animals to avoid these issues.  Also, keeping their paws clean will protect the surfaces in your apartment from needing to be repaired or replaced.  Long claws also pose a risk to others, so keep their claws trimmed, especially when they are socializing with other animals.

These are some basic pet etiquette tips you should follow when you share your apartment with you fluffy friend.  Whether you keep your cat indoors all the time, or you enjoy taking your dog on outdoor adventures, you want to be sure that you adhere to these tips for the best pet etiquette.  If you are looking for pet friendly apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, contact us to hear about our available apartments today.


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