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Qualities to Look for in a Reliable Apartment Landlord

Qualities to Look for in a Reliable Apartment Landlord

Qualities to Look for in a Reliable Apartment Landlord

One of the biggest benefits of renting an apartment is not worrying about the maintenance that is associated with living in a rental unit.  Whenever an appliance breaks, you call your landlord to fix it.  Whenever you want to go visit the fitness center or swimming pool, they're already clean and ready to go.  When you live in an apartment, you can trust that a landlord or property manager will take care of these responsibilities.   Because a landlord will be someone who you need to make frequent contact with, you'll want to be sure that you choose an apartment with a reliable one.  There are a few qualities that a great landlord or property manager will possess.

Honest and Open in Communication

A landlord should be truthful and up front about what goes on in your apartment building on a daily basis.  They should be comfortable delivering any type of information, whether it's good or bad.  You need an honest landlord to tell you the truth about the repairs that are needed, rules that need to be followed, and any other critical information that affects your daily life in your apartment.

Reliable and Responsive

A reliable, available, and open property manager or landlord is critical to ensuring that your concerns as a renter will be addressed in a timely manner.  You want a landlord that is up-to-date each time there is a change in your apartment building.  When you have a landlord that never returns your calls or responds to your emails, you will lose faith in their abilities and assume they are flaky and unreliable.  Your landlord should be open in their communication as well.


A landlord is trusted with access to your apartment unit, so you want to be sure that they are professional and trustworthy. Your landlord will also be responsible for a variety of tasks, so they will wear many hats.  When you live at an apartment complex, you expect your landlord to be professional in their communication with you each and every time.  You want to trust that your landlord will attend to your concerns in a timely manner.


An enthusiastic landlord will be knowledgeable about the building, complex, and area that you live in.  They should have awareness to both maintenance needs and also customer service as well.  You should be able to trust that your landlord will give you the best advice and guidance when it comes to how your unit functions and how the apartment complex runs.

These are a few of the qualities you'll want your apartment complex's landlord to possess.  When you are working with an unreliable or arrogant landlord, this will take away from your desire to live in your apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL.  At the Mayfair Gainesville, we have many property managers that take great care of our residents, complex, and units each and every day.  Contact us to hear about the qualities that set us above the rest today.

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