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Three Steps to Finding a Roommate to Share Your Gainesville Apartment

Three Steps to Finding a Roommate to Share Your Gainesville Apartment

Three Steps to Finding a Roommate to Share Your Gainesville Apartment

Are you interested in moving into an apartment but want to share the costs with a roommate?  Are you looking to socialize and live with a roommate?  There are many perks to choosing to live with a roommate when you are renting apartments in Gainesville, FL, but finding one that is compatible with you is no easy task.  When you follow these few steps, you will be able to choose a roommate to share your apartment.

Ask Around First

Before you put an ad out in the paper or online, ask around in social circle to see if any of your friends is looking for a change of address.  You may be surprised to learn that a good friend, who you already know and trust, is also in a similar circumstance as you and would be interested in becoming your roommate.  This would make the easiest transition, because you two are already acquainted.   Make sure to consider the friends that you know you could coexist and share living quarters with in a peaceful, harmonious way.  Be honest with yourself up front in order to avoid ruining a friendship if things were to go south.  

Don't Be Afraid to Host an Interview

When you are meeting a stranger to determine roommate compatibility, you want to schedule a meeting for coffee or drinks in order to take the time to get to know them before making a final decision.  Interviewing potential roommate options is critical in choosing the right match for your personality and determining accountability.  Be sure to ask them questions pertaining to their personality, like their interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes.  This will help determine if you two will be able to get along.  You will also want to ask about their financial situation, like their job status and their future goals.  This will help to determine if they are good for the money that you will be splitting.  Asking about other aspects of their life, like their family and friends, will also help you get to know what type of community in which they typically interact.

Talk about Finances

Once you decide on a roommate, you want to sit down with paperwork and put everything into writing.  Be sure to include all financial aspects of your arrangement, such as your utility bills, rent, and other living expenses.  Determine some ground rules of maintaining peace and structure in your apartment.  Writing these down will help both you to be accountable for your actions and also establish clear living expectations at the beginning of your arrangement.  These expectations will then be clear and easier to follow once you actually begin living together.

By following these simple steps, you should be able to find the perfect roommate to share your apartment with.  When you look for those that you can trust, you will be able to live in harmony and enjoy the perks of living with a roommate, which include shared costs and conversation.  At our apartments in Gainesville, FL, we have plenty of apartment layouts that are great for sharing.  Contact us to hear about our spacious apartments  today.


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