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Tips to Live in Peace with a Dog in Your Apartment

Tips to Live in Peace with a Dog in Your Apartment

Tips to Live in Peace with a Dog in Your Apartment

Do you have a dog in your apartment?  Do you want to get a dog, but worried about having a dog in an apartment?  Even the best of dog owners have many tips and tricks for keeping the peace when they live with their dog in our apartments in Gainesville, FL.  Although our pet-friendly amenities provide much room and exercise for your furry friends, it can still be challenging to make sure everyone is happy living in an apartment with a dog.  By following some of these tips, you can find that it is quite possible to live in harmony with your dog in your Gainesville apartment.

Get Out and Exercise

One of the best pieces of advice to successful dog ownership in an apartment is to engage in frequent exercise with your pup.  Making sure to take your pup outside on a few walks a day is critical to ensuring that they won't go stir crazy inside a small apartment all day long.

Get the Right Breed

Many breeds are great for apartment-style living simply because they take up less space, have less energy, and also have less needs overall.  Larger, high-energy breeds typically pose more challenges when growing up in an apartment.  It is best to research your desired dog's needs and adjust accordingly.

Protect Your Floors

Making sure that dogs have toys and playtime is a great way to ensure that they won't start to eat your trim, cabinets, and other furnishings in your apartment.  By designating a specific area for their play is critical in establishing boundaries and protecting your floors and furniture from destruction.

Keep Cleaning Products on Hand

When you bring your dog home, you also want to make sure to have the right cleaning products in tow also.  Carpet cleaners, odor removers, and multi-purpose spray will help to keep your apartment clean and fresh from pet odors and messes.  You may also want to invest in a good handheld vacuum to remove any pet dander or hair from your surfaces.

Train Your Dog

Training your dog to understand boundaries, noises, and other aspects of community living is very important in ensuring the safety of the community and also your sanity.  If your dog barks every time he hears a strange noise, you will surely lose a lot of sleep.  Avoid this frustration by investing in some training sessions once you bring your furry friend home.

Establish a Routine

When you have a dog, establishing a routine helps to create consistency.  Pets thrive on routine, especially in an apartment setting.  Also, you want get in sync with his relief schedule in order to avoid accidents and other issues related to bathroom times.

By following these simple tips, you and your dog will be able to live happily in an apartment complex.  Whenever you live at the apartments in Gainesville, FL, you will have access to many pet-friendly amenities that will keep everyone happy.  Contact us to schedule a tour of our apartments today.

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