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Ways You Can Celebrate the Holidays During the Pandemic

Ways You Can Celebrate the Holidays During the Pandemic

Ways You Can Celebrate the Holidays During the Pandemic

Are you struggling to come up with ways to add the holiday cheer into your life despite the social restrictions of the pandemic?  This year has brought us many challenges and cancellations that have affected all of your lives, and the holiday season will unfortunately be no different.  When it comes to spreading joy around the holidays, you will have to get creative to celebrate with those that are near and far this year.  When you are living at our apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, you will be able to deck the halls and spend time with nearby loved ones with these creative solutions for the 2020 holiday season.

Create Virtual Events

If there's anything we've realized this year, it's that technology can bridge the distance between us.  During the holiday season, consider creating a few virtual events to connect with friends and family.  You can host a virtual game night or just get on the phone to chat and catch up.  Put on your favorite holiday movie at the same time as your friend, and enjoy the virtual chance to connect over some of your holiday favorites.

Organize a Secret Gift Exchange

Nothing spreads cheer like giving gifts.  Many traditions of sitting on Santa's lap or going to a Christmas festival may be cancelled this year, but you can still organize an old-fashioned secret gift exchange with your friends and family.  Whether you choose to drop gifts in their mailbox or on their porch, or you want to meet up in person, this is a way to keep the spirit alive during this holiday season.

Host an Outdoor Gathering

Because indoor gatherings are restricted, it may be enjoyable to switch it up and host an outdoor gathering.  At our apartments, we have BBQ areas and pool areas that you can use to host a few friends and cheers to the holidays.  Consider adding a few lights and dressing in ugly sweaters to add some holiday cheer to the outdoors.

Have a Gingerbread House Competition

A fun indoor activity is to get creative making gingerbread houses.  Stock up on some graham crackers, gumdrops, candy canes, icing, and other fun and colorful candies.  Invite over a few friends to enjoy the fun decorating a gingerbread house, or consider hosting a virtual event. Whether you are together in person or online, you can decorate your gingerbread houses and then vote on the winner.

These are just a few suggestions that will make sure that you spread the cheer and enjoy the holiday season this year.  Even though 2020 has brought many challenges to our lives, we can still decorate and enjoy spending the holidays at our apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL.  Whether you are a student at the University of Florida or you have your family with you at your apartment, you'll love living here all year long.  Contact us to schedule a tour and have a new home for the holidays this year.

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