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Explore Florida’s Amazing History and Laws

Explore Florida’s Amazing History and Laws

Explore Florida’s Amazing History and Laws

Florida is a fun and exciting state in which to live. No matter your age, you can always find an adventure to be had in Florida, making it an excellent choice when apartment hunting. Apartments in Gainesville, Florida, is never far from the fun anywhere in the state.


According to the United States Census Bureau, the 2015 population of Florida is 21.65 million. The top five races in Florida include Caucasian, Asian, African American, Native and Hispanic.

Florida’s History Day

Florida’s History Day occurs every year in May from the fifth through the seventh. Florida takes pride in their state and with very good reason. To prepare you more for the next Florida History Day here are some fun facts about the Sunshine State.

Sunshine State

The state nickname for Florida is the Sunshine State. It seems to be always sunny in Florida, and even when Florida does get rain, the people are still bright and happy. This Sunshine State experiences an average of 230 out of 365 days a year of sunshine. Hence the nickname the Sunshine State. Natural beauty covers the state; you will find everything from palm trees to beautiful, captivating mountains, or canyons. Anywhere you are in the entire state you are never more than 60 miles to the nearest ocean. There are plenty of outdoor adventures to be enjoyed.

Lightning Capital of the World

While it is true that Florida is hot and sunny most of the year, it does experience some storms. Storms can bring heavy lightning. Florida is also known as the lightning capital of the world. Lightning in Florida causes an average of 10 deaths a year and at least 30 serious injuries. Each square mile in Florida is hit by lightning at least 40 times a year. In the summer months, Florida is hit by lightning than almost anywhere else in the entire world.

Home to Gatorade

Doctors made the first Gatorade in 1965 in Florida. Gatorade gleaned its name from the Florida Gators, and Gatorade became the team’s official sports drink. Four doctors working with the University of Florida created the refreshing drink. The University of Florida is home to the Florida Gators. Fans attribute Gatorade to helping the athlete’s win their first orange bowl in 1967, just two years after the drink’s invention. Today, on store shelves, you will find many flavors, but when this drink first came out, it was only in lemon-lime.

Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice

If you find it nearly impossible to start your day without a glass of orange juice, and you use frozen concentrated orange juice, then you can also thank inventors in Florida. The plan was to serve it to soldiers during World War II to make sure they got enough Vitamin C. The inventors, however, did not finish inventing the product until three years after the war was over.

There are many more fun things to learn about Florida. When you move to the state, you will find many welcoming people who will be glad to tell you more about themselves and why they love Florida. You never know, maybe you’ll even find yourself in an apartment in Gainesville, Florida.

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