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Find Extra Storage in Your Apartment Today

Find Extra Storage in Your Apartment Today

Find Extra Storage in Your Apartment Today

If you are starting to feel like you are tripping over things every time you turn around, then it is time to get creative with your storage. You can find lots of ways to maximize the space in your apartment.

Bed Storage

If your bedroom is small or you live in a studio apartment, then your bed may take up most of the space. Some renters find that a Murphy bed is the perfect answer for them as they can fold it up during the day. Others find that a loft bed helps them utilize the floor space for storage. Of course, you can always use boxes under the bed. Some choose a headboard that offers storage. The most creative, however, use a dresser or other storage unit. Then, they put their mattress on top of it allowing them to have plenty of storage and a great place to sleep.

Closet Storage

Almost no one has ever said that they wish that their closet was smaller, but if you wish it was bigger, then you may need to consider how you are organizing your closet. Consider putting a small dresser and shoe rack under your hanging clothes. Look for ways to insert bins into your closet as they are extremely functional at holding small things that always seem to get in the way. If you are putting your shoes on a shelf, then face each one in the opposite direction because they will take up less room that way. Place towel racks on the inside of your closet door allowing you to have more hanging space. Of course, you can always resort to using hangers that allow you to hang multiple items on them. If your shelves seem to always be a mess, then consider using shelf dividers to keep everything in place.

Living Room Storage Ideas

There are lots of ways that you can add additional storage in a living room. Consider investing in a well-designed entertainment center as it can also hold many other things. If a new coffee table is in the works, choose one that opens so that you can store things inside or repurpose an old trunk as your coffee table. Install an acrylic letter organizer as it will hold your mail and your clutch purse so that you always know its location.

Consider adding spacers under your sofa. Then, using that space for additional storage. Find some woven baskets and join them together with some chain. Then, hang them from a plant hook in the ceiling.

There are many ways that you can add storage to your apartment, but if you still find that you are constantly wishing that you had more room, then look at The Mayfair. Our spacious apartments for rent in Gainesville FL have plenty of storage space. Give us a call today to get your move started to these apartments for rent in Gainesville FL.

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