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Five Tips for Entertaining in an Apartment Kitchen

Five Tips for Entertaining in an Apartment Kitchen

Five Tips for Entertaining in an Apartment Kitchen

Apartments are typically smaller spaces than single-family homes, which can make the holidays a trickier time of year.  When it comes to sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table with the whole family, you may become stressed out about how to make this work.  Our apartments in Gainesville, FL boast large and spacious kitchens that can alleviate the stress of hosting in an apartment kitchen.  However, it is possible to host your family and friends in any space with the right tips.  These are some ways to make it easier to entertain in an apartment kitchen.

Be Smart about the Guest List

When you host in your apartment, you want to keep the guest list small.  Do not invite all your friends and family members at the same time.  Even if you want to see everyone, take it slow by inviting small groups at first.  Once you get more comfortable with hosting in your space, you can always add more guests for the next event.

Prepare Food in Advance

To save some space on the counter of your kitchen, try to prepare as much food in advance as possible.  This will prevent you from having to mix ingredients, use many bowls, wash tons of dishes, and always open and close your oven.  Not only will this save you space, but it will free up your time so that you can entertain and enjoy the time with your guests.

Declutter Your Space

Cleaning seems like an appropriate thing to do before you host, so it is likely already on your list anyways.  However, when you live in an apartment, you may also want to declutter some of the space.  Move some of the light furniture to make some space and encourage traffic flow throughout your apartment and keep more of your personal belongings in the bedroom instead of the living spaces.

Get Creative with Seating Arrangements

Think outside the box when you are choosing the seating arrangements for your guests.  Do not be afraid to add tray tables to the couch area and consider folding tables for some extra space.  By looking for alternative seating solutions, you can encourage your guests to use more spaces in your apartment than just your kitchen.  

Keep It Simple

When you offer complicated recipes and meals, you may find yourself stressed out over the cooking instead of enjoying the party itself.  By keeping it simple with the recipes you offer, you can eliminate the anxiety surrounding the cooking process itself.  Also, do not spend too much time decorating or worrying about all the extras for the party.  Things like balloons and banners can clutter your small space, eliminating more space for your guests.

By following these tips, you can entertain your friends and family comfortably in your apartment kitchen, no matter the size.  Contact our apartments in Gainesville, FL to hear about our available units and get settled before the holidays today.

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