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Four Tricks to Prevent a Cluttered Apartment

Four Tricks to Prevent a Cluttered Apartment

Four Tricks to Prevent a Cluttered Apartment

As an apartment renter, you do not have many maintenance responsibilities in the apartment complex.  Unlike homeowners, you have a nicely trimmed lawn, clean landscaping, and a fully functioning swimming pool at all times.  However, when it comes to what's behind your closed apartment door, you are responsible.  Cleaning your apartment is your responsibility, but it can be done quickly and efficiently.  Our apartments in Gainesville, FL give our tenants plenty of space and storage options in their apartment to keep their belongings organized and tidy.  By following these four tricks, you can clean your apartment quickly and prevent the buildup of clutter and messes.

Organize a Cleaning Routine

Planning out when you perform routine cleaning tasks will ensure that you set aside the time to perform those chores.  Schedule a day where you will do your laundry each week.  This way, when Saturday morning rolls around, you already know exactly what you'll be doing.  Establishing a cleaning routine will hold you accountable and allow you to prevent chores from building up.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies in a Caddy

To make them easy to access and store, you should invest in a caddy for your cleaning supplies.  When it comes time to clean your bathroom or kitchen, you will be able to move the caddy from one room to the other, which makes cleaning a breeze.  When cleaning supplies are scattered throughout your apartment, you may end up missing a particular chore and have to go back later to address that detail.

Pick Up After Yourself Daily

By cleaning up after yourself each day, you will avoid a buildup of dirt and grime, which can cause even more of a need for a deep clean.  Instead of deep cleaning each week, you will instead only have to perform light cleaning if you keep up after yourself on a daily basis.  This includes hanging up your clothes, running the dishwasher, cleaning your kitchen after cooking, and more.

Keep Your Shelves and Tables Clear

When you have shelves, end tables, and coffee tables, try to keep them free of clutter and messes.  Piles of clutter can buildup on these surfaces and take a lengthy time to sort and organize when you do get to them.  Avoid throwing junk mail into a pile and address it as it comes through the door.   Clean up your books or magazines after you finish reading them.  Simple chores like this help to prevent the need for additional cleaning when company comes over.

There are just a few of the cleaning tips to use when you are living in an apartment and want to avoid clutter and messes from piling up.  A clean apartment can help you prevent issues like dirt and allergen buildup, which will also keep your health in check.  Our apartments in Gainesville, FL are easy to clean and maintain.  Contact us today to schedule a tour of our stunning apartments.  


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