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How to Use Your Apartment Swimming Pool to Stay Fit

How to Use Your Apartment Swimming Pool to Stay Fit

How to Use Your Apartment Swimming Pool to Stay Fit

Are you looking to implement a new fitness routine into your schedule?  Do you have access to an apartment swimming pool?  If you answered yes to both of these questions, you are in luck.  You can use the swimming pool at your apartment complex to get in shape.  Our apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL offer a beautiful swimming pool for our tenants to use each and every day.  It will be easy to implement a fitness routine into your life when living at the Mayfair.  Here are a few exercises that you can do in any swimming pool.

Swim Laps

This is by far the most commonly known and practiced exercise done in swimming pools.  Get your heart rate up by swimming laps back and forth.  Rectangular pools work great for this, as you won't get dizzy and you'll be able to count your labs.  However, any type of pool could work.  Swimming laps is a great cardio workout that will strengthen your entire body.

Wave Maker

This exercise move is similar to a child making waves in the pool.  You'll want to rest your forearms on the edge of the pool, and kick your legs horizontally under the water for two minutes.  Repeat this in four sets.  This will help to increase your core strength and stamina.  Also, it will target your legs and glutes.  You'll just want to make sure that you aren't splashing your neighbor when you do this exercise in the apartment swimming pool.

Suspended Jumping Jack

This move requires you to stand in waist-deep water, so you'll want to use the shallow end of the swimming pool.  If the water goes a little higher than that, it's okay.  It'll still work.  While standing in the shallow, perform traditional jumping jacks by jumping your feet apart and lifting your arms above your head.  The water will provide resistance that will provide you with a great workout.

Floating Kick

Do you have a pool noodle or small inflatable nearby?  Grab this pool toy for this workout move.  While resting on the noodle, kick your feet to propel yourself from one side of the pool to the other.  Once you get to the other side, put the noodle on your feet and use only your arms to return.  Repeat this move for a few laps.  This will improve your core strength and provide a good workout for your arm and leg muscles.

These are just a few of the many exercises you can perform while hanging out in a swimming pool.  Apartments have many amenities that make life easier for their tenants, which is a huge perk to apartment living.  At the Mayfair, our tenants can live a healthy and fit life with our swimming pool and fitness center amenities.  If you are looking for quality apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, contact us today to hear about our availability.

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