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Simple Steps to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

Simple Steps to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

Simple Steps to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

Holiday decorating is supposed to be a fun activity for families, couples, and singles that enjoy spreading the holiday cheer around their homes.  However, when you live in an apartment, it can be a challenge to find spaces to fit your decorations.  Our spacious apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL provide our tenants with plenty of space for both their everyday items and holiday decorations.  When it comes to decorating your apartment without feeling overwhelmed, follow these simple tips to accommodate all your holiday decorations and keep the spirit alive.

Choose a Small Tree

A holiday tree is essential to adding that necessary pop of holiday cheer to any home.  Even though you may want to try to fit a large tree into your small apartment, you should attempt to choose a smaller tree that will still work to enhance your décor.  A small tree can still be decorated the same way as a large one, but it will take up less space and also fit better in many corners or free spaces in apartments.

Use Wall Space

By using wall space to hang decorations, you will be able to add holiday cheer without compromising on space.  By adding signs with quotes, pictures, or art, you will enhance your apartment walls with the spirit of the season without having to trip over bulky decorations that take up your floor space.

Purchase Throw Pillows

You likely have chairs, a couch, or a bed in your apartment.  Decorate these essential household items by adding cheerful holiday throw pillows for a pop of color.  Reds, greens, gold, and whites can work to add sparkle and color to any apartment.  They will also double as functional pillows to rest your head on when you need to rest after all that decorating.

Invest in a Bar Cart

If you like to host during the holiday season, it might be beneficial for you to invest in a bar cart or other movable shelving units.  These can help you prepare cocktails during the holiday season while also displaying some of your decorations, such as statues, small signs, or other trinkets.  Gone are the days where the decorations will clutter functional spaces in your home.  With a bar cart, you can store everything in an easily accessible location throughout the entire holiday season.

Follow these steps to fit all of your holiday decorations into your apartment and feel the holiday spirit in your apartment this year.  They will help you add holiday cheer while also help you avoid feeling cluttered amidst a sea of tinsel and ribbon.  If you are looking for apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, contact us today to hear about our availability.

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