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3 Tips to Care for Someone After a Knee Replacement

3 Tips to Care for Someone After a Knee Replacement

3 Tips to Care for Someone After a Knee Replacement

Renting an apartment can be exciting and time-consuming, especially with the different options and amenities available in today’s rental market. Sometimes it can be challenging to decide which amenities matter and which ones are just driving up your rental coat without adding value to your life. Experts from our apartments in Gainesville, FL, discuss these in-unit amenities to consider when renting your next place.

Updated kitchen

In the rental world, ‘updated kitchen’ is a vague term that could mean anything from a new kitchen sink to a fully renovated, brand new kitchen area. Take this term lightly, even if you consider yourself a home chef. On the other hand, if having the best kitchen possible is essential for your lifestyle, ask for additional details to determine whether their idea of updated matches up with yours and if it is worth paying a little extra in rent for the updated kitchen they provide.

Private outdoor space

In most cases, private outdoor space comes in a balcony area accessible from your unit. While large outdoor spaces are fantastic if you want to get fresh air or barbecue, be wary of balconies because they are known to dramatically drive up the cost of rent-even if they are tiny. On the other hand, if it is an ample enough space to barbecue and you love to entertain, the additional costs might be worth it. In addition, if you are a smoker, an outdoor area attached to your apartment might be essential. But, again, weigh the pros and cons carefully and compare the balcony size and rental price to other units in your area to make a wise choice.

Heat and air conditioning

Unless you are looking for an apartment in Los Angeles, where there is usually no heat, or Seattle, where the climate is mild enough that you don't need in-unit air conditioning, you should avoid renting an apartment without it. Fans will not keep you comfortable when it gets scorching outside. And when it gets cold, you will want something more reliable than hot cocoa and blankets. It is also helpful to keep in mind that choosing an all-electric option for heating and air conditioning is an excellent idea to regulate utility costs with the fluctuating price of natural gas.

Pet-friendly units

This is a pretty simple amenity to decide on. Just ask yourself if you want to have pets shortly. Remember that having a pet typically requires a pet deposit and monthly pet rent added to the rental fees. You also risk losing your security deposit if your pet causes property damage. Many renters choose units that aren't pet-friendly because they don't have a pet when selecting their rental. Then in a couple of months, they wish they had chosen a pet-friendly unit because they want a new companion. So, if you think you may want a pet in a few months, go ahead and rent a pet-friendly unit.

These are a few of the in-unit amenities you should consider when renting your next apartment. And call us now if you are looking for apartments in Gainesville, FL. We want to help you find your next home.

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