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5 Space-Boosting Tips for Small Apartments

5 Space-Boosting Tips for Small Apartments

5 Space-Boosting Tips for Small Apartments

Living in an apartment offer many perks, like temporary living arrangements, low maintenance, and access to many amenities. At our apartments in Gainesville, FL, you can enjoy all of these perks and much more, as we are closely located to many wonderful entertainment options. However, when you live in an apartment, you may have to sacrifice space and find the best storage solutions that work for your needs. These are some of the space-boosting tips to use when you live in a small space.

Use Many Mirrors

Mirrors are another hack that can make your apartment seem much bigger than it really is. When mirrors reflect the light in your space, it can brighten up the room and make it seem much larger. This is another way to also add function to your wall space, as everyone will need to check out their appearance before they leave each morning.

Get Command Hooks

Command hooks will become your best friend when you are living in an apartment. These allow you to hang anything on the walls without worrying about making any holes or damage to the wall itself. Command hooks come in a range of sizes, so you can even use them on the backs of bathroom doors to hang towels, in the kitchen for pots and pans, or by the door to hang coats or bags.

Get Bed Risers

Investing in bed risers can allow you to store many of your belongings right underneath your bed. Whether you have plenty of clothes that cannot fit in your closet, or you want to store your gaming devices somewhere, rising your bed might be the perfect solution for you. Bed risers are typically inexpensive, and they can give you that extra space you need to feel comfortable in your space.

Use Foldaway Furniture

Foldaway furniture is ideal when you are living in a small space, as you can take it out when you need it but keep it stowed away when you do not. Consider investing in a foldaway desk for those times when you work from home or just need to write out some bills. This way, you can fold the desk and put it away when you do not need to be sitting there.

Get Closet Organizers

Closet organizers are also ideal for fitting more items inside your closet. You can install additional shelving or add another rod to hang your clothes right inside your closet. When you move out, you can even take this organizer with you, so it is a worthwhile investment. Sometimes, you can even install shelves at the bottom or top of your closet so that you can increase the amount of storage for items like blankets, shoes, and seasonal clothing.

These are a few tips to help boost the space inside your small apartment. When you are looking for a spacious apartment to call home, take a look at the The Mayfair Gainesville.

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