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Six Ways to Affordably Go Green While Renting an Apartment

Six Ways to Affordably Go Green While Renting an Apartment

Six Ways to Affordably Go Green While Renting an Apartment

Going green while residing in an apartment isn't the most straightforward thing. Renters don't have the indulgence of installing solar panels, getting rid of a 20-year-old refrigerator for the new energy-saving model, or switching out an existing thermostat for a new Nest unit.

Renters who want to be green usually have to operate around their apartment's constraints. These green-friendly lifestyle changes from experts at our apartments in Gainesville will help you conserve money without an investment that'll break the bank.

1. Rent a walkable, transit-friendly place

If you rent an apartment anywhere in New York City, you won't experience this problem, but for anyone else, consider your apartment's location before signing your lease. By living in a complex close to stores, eateries, and public transportation, you'll save capital on fuel and live a healthier, longer life.

2. Weatherstrip doors and windows

Look at your doors and windows – examine for gaps that allow the elements inside. Even the smallest of spaces are modifying the temperature in your apartment and letting in potentially harmful fumes. Lowes has weatherstripping alternatives that begin at $4 and don't require screws.

3. Get rid of traditional light bulbs and change to LEDs or CFLs

Ninety percent of an incandescent light bulb's energy is given off as heat, and only 10 percent results in light. In terms of savings, a single LED bulb operated for 5 hours a day for two years costs you about $12, whereas an incandescent bulb employed for the same time frame will command around $32.

4. Employ power strips to lower vampire electricity

Do you know all the chargers lying around your apartment that remain plugged in all day? They're sucking power even when they're not used – they dub it vampire electricity. Instead, buy a power strip with an on/off switch and surge protection. Amazon has inexpensive two-packs for less than $10.

5. Install low-flow shower heads

Low-flow shower heads sound crazy, we know. First-generation low-flow units had insufficient water pressure and left a lot to be expected. Still, manufacturers are answering the green demand by delivering spa-quality hardware for nearly nothing.

Home Depot sells a chrome Niagara Conversion shower head for only $15! Just remember to keep the old unit you're swapping out just in case you need to reinstall it when you move.

6. Connect a water filter system to the kitchen faucet

Bottled water isn't inexpensive and can add up leaning on how much you drink, not to say how bad plastic water bottles are for the atmosphere. So instead, save loads of money on your potable water with a Brita On Tap water filter system. Then carry your water to-go and eradicate toxic plastic bottles permanently by opting for a reusable, eco-friendly bottle – there are some attractive options on the market.

These are just some ways to go green while living in an apartment affordably. Contact us today about apartments in Gainesville, FL. We want to show you your next home.

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