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Tips for Energy Bill Savings Without Affecting Comfort

Tips for Energy Bill Savings Without Affecting Comfort

Tips for Energy Bill Savings Without Affecting Comfort

Going green doesn't just suggest committing to recycling and composting. It also implicates taking steps to reduce your energy consumption and, as a result, the carbon imprint you leave on the planet. For example, many individuals associate less energy with a cold apartment in the winter or a humid home in the summer. Still, you can stay comfortable while conserving energy and alleviating dollars from your power bill. Experts at our apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, assembled a list of tricks to save money and power without impacting creature comforts, so choose one or two and begin going green one measure at a time.

Dominate energy vampires

If you've never heard of energy vampires, the idea is pretty simple: they're electronics that use up electricity even when you're not operating them. From alarm clocks to cell phone chargers, numerous peripheral electronics in your quarters may slowly drain energy from the outlets while you snooze, work, and play. So unplug and turn off any electronics when you're not operating them to correct this problem, especially when you leave your apartment for a few days. You can even plug them into power strips and then turn off the whole strip when you leave.

Use CFLs in your lamps and overhead lights

Compact fluorescent light bulbs utilize way less energy than standard light bulbs, and they're straightforward to install. In addition, they glow just as bright as regular bulbs, so you won't need to surrender light to make the change. You can buy them at any hardware store, Walmart, Target, or home goods store.

Set your thermostat

Keeping the air conditioner or heat on high while working is one of the quickest ways to increase your power bill. It's even more threatening if you leave the heat or AC up while on vacation, but you can't shut it off, or you risk coming home to a freezing or sweltering apartment. Instead, utilize your thermostat to regulate the heat in your home and maintain it at approximately 68 to 70 degrees during the cold months and 76 to 78 in the summer when you're away from home. If you're leaving town for a few days, modify the temperature by eight degrees up or down, leaning on the season.

Don't use all the water

There are numerous easy ways to save water, and each of them can lead to a smaller water bill next month. For example, it's easy to install low-flow showerheads, and you won't need to sacrifice water pressure to do it. You can even install low-flow fixtures in your toilets and taps. Or forget all the hardware and commit to air-drying your clothes after washing them rather than using the dryer (you can also air-dry your dishes).

When you depart for the day, shut the blinds.

This specific change can be incredibly effective. Most of the warmth coming into your apartment throughout the day arrives from the sunlight pouring in from the windows, which is excellent when you're home to appreciate it. But when you're away from home, closing the blinds reflects the sunshine (and some of the heat) back into the world.

Use these tips to conserve energy in your dwelling. And call us first for apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL. We want to help you find your new home.

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