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5 Tips for Living with a Roommate

5 Tips for Living with a Roommate

5 Tips for Living with a Roommate

Roommates can make great friends or companions when you live in an apartment. They are especially great for helping you save money by splitting the living expenses, like rent and utilities. If you live in apartments in Gainesville, FL, you may be considering living with a roommate. Sharing your space with another person can also help you feel safe in your shared space. If you are lucky enough to live with a friend, you can even spend time together without having to leave. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to live in a shared space with others. These are a few tips to living with a roommate.

Communicate Openly

When you move into an apartment with your roommate, you need to establish clear lines of communication. Talk about your schedules and daily routine, discuss issues related to paying bills and cleaning, and establish some ground rules for respect. By having these conversations, you can get a feel for one another’s needs, which will help to create harmony as you continue to live together.

Establish Some Ground Rules

Decide on things like when it's okay to have guests over, how loud music and TV can be played, and how often common areas should be cleaned. By discussing basic etiquette and expectations at the beginning of your journey together, you can learn what to do and what not to do. If you argue about certain things, come to a compromise so you are both happy with the decision.

Be Respectful

When you live with a roommate, you will have shared spaces that hold both of your belongings. Although you most likely keep many of your private and personal items in your bedrooms, you may have belongings scattered about your living rooms and kitchens. Be respectful of your roommate’s belongings to prevent any fights. Do not use their stuff or eat their food without permission.

Practice Good Hygiene

No one wants to live with a messy, smelly, or sloppy person. When you keep things tidy and practice good hygiene, you show that you are respecting the space that you share with others. Although it is natural to have a few lazy days here and there, you should focus on keeping up with your personal needs so that your roommate does not have to smell you.

Be Considerate of Their Schedule

Your roommate may have a completely opposite schedule to you. If you work during the day and they work at night, you may hardly see each other. However, you will likely be up when they are trying to sleep. Try to be quiet when they're sleeping and avoid having loud parties when they have early classes or work the next day.

By following these tips, you can live with a roommate without worrying about any issues or drama. When you are looking for spacious apartments in Gainesville, FL that are great for sharing, consider The Mayfair Gainesville. Contact us to schedule a tour of our apartment complex today!

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