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Genius Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for Apartments

Genius Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for Apartments

Genius Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for Apartments


Navigating a small bathroom in your Gainesville apartment could be a daily challenge. With space at a premium, finding storage solutions that are both functional and stylish is crucial. Fear not! This guide is a goldmine of space-saving tips, clever hacks, and must-know tricks to organize your undersized bathroom. Whether you're in a cozy studio or a snug one-bedroom, these genius storage ideas will leave you with a clutter-free bathroom oasis.


Purge and Plan

Before you hit the hardware store, it's essential to assess your storage needs and the space available. Start by decluttering. Evaluate which items are must-haves, nice-to-haves, and can-be-stored-elsewhere-haves. Once you've narrowed down your bathroom essentials, it's time to measure. Every inch counts in a small bathroom, so knowing the exact dimensions of your storage spots will help you choose the right organizers.

Create a Wish List

Make a list of all the items you want to store, keeping in mind your daily routine and seasonal changes like towels.

Measure Your Space

Use a tape measure to record the size of cabinets, drawers, and any other potential storage areas.

Visualize the Layout

Sketch out a rough plan to see where each storage piece could go. Be sure to keep items you use most frequently accessible.

Over-the-Toilet Storage

One of the most underutilized spaces in the bathroom is the area above the toilet. Installing shelves or a cabinet unit here can store a surprising amount without taking up additional floor space.

Shelf It Up

Floating shelves or an etagere unit over the toilet can house toiletries, extra toilet paper, and even decorative items.

Closed Storage Solutions

Opt for a unit with doors to keep things tucked away and avoid a cluttered look.


Choosing a storage unit that also serves as a mirror or has a shelf for additional storage can maximize this space further.

Utilize Vertical Space

With limited floor space, the walls become your best friend for storage. Use hooks, racks, and shelving to keep items off the ground and within easy reach.

Hooks for Everyone

Install a row of hooks for each family member's towel. Over-the-door hooks are a great option if you're renting and can't make permanent changes.

Towel Racks

Mount a multi-tiered towel rack to keep clean towels at the ready and display them in a stylish way.

Hidden Storage

Consider a wall-mounted cabinet with a mirrored door for a discreet place to store medicines and other personal items.

Sink Storage Solutions

The area under the sink can quickly become a jumble of cleaning supplies and extra toiletries. Tidy up this space with stackable bins, drawer organizers, and shelves.

Stack 'em Up

Utilize stackable bins with handles for easy access to products or create layers with shelf risers.

Drawer Dividers

Implement drawer dividers to keep small items like makeup and jewelry in order, taking full advantage of your drawer space.

Expandable Organizers

Invest in an expandable under-sink organizer that can adjust to the size of your cabinet and create a custom storage solution.

The Power of Baskets and Bins

Contain the chaos of your toiletries with an assortment of stylish baskets and bins. These versatile items can be used to separate and organize everything from bath toys to cleaning supplies.

Label Love

Use chalkboard or adhesive labels to keep baskets organized and easily identifiable.

Mix and Match

Vary the sizes and shapes of your baskets for a curated, eclectic look that suits your decor.

Bins for Every Inch

Consider slide-out bins or stackable basket systems for deep cabinets to ensure no space is wasted.

Don't Forget the Door

The back of the bathroom door is prime real estate for storing items that might otherwise clutter your space. Over-the-door organizers can work wonders in a small bathroom.

Organizers Galore

Look for hair tool organizers, caddies for cleaning supplies, or simple shoe storage solutions that can hang on the door.

Tiered Solutions

To maximize the use of the back of the door, opt for tiered organizers that can hold a variety of items without taking up much space.

Functional Charm

Choose organizers that not only function well but add to the aesthetic of your bathroom, like clear pockets for easy visibility or decorative fabric organizers.

Final Touches: Stylish Accessories

A small bathroom can feel cramped without thoughtful design elements. Add a touch of style and personality with pretty canisters, apothecary jars, and sleek dispensers.

Uniform Design

Invest in a matching set of canisters or jars for a cohesive look that still provides multiple storage solutions.

Multipurpose Pieces

Select accessories that have more than one function, like a soap dispenser that also stores cotton swabs or a tissue box that doubles as a vanity tray.

Keep It Tidy

Consistently declutter and wipe down your storage solutions to keep your bathroom feeling fresh and orderly.


By following these small bathroom storage ideas, you can transform your cramped space into a model of efficiency and style. For residents of Gainesville, FL, particularly those living in apartments with limited square footage, these tips will be a game-changer in making the most of your bathing sanctuary. Remember, it's all about smart planning, strategic placement, and a dash of design finesse! If you're looking to upgrade to a new apartment with clever storage solutions already in place, be sure to check out The Mayfair Apartments—a haven for organized living in the heart of Gainesville. If you're looking for apartments in Gainesville, FL, contact The Mayfair Apartments today to schedule a personal tour.

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