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The Quintessential Decorating Tip for Luxury Apartment Living

The Quintessential Decorating Tip for Luxury Apartment Living

The Quintessential Decorating Tip for Luxury Apartment Living


When it comes to making a space feel homely, few things are as impactful as the art of interior design. Professional designers craft inviting atmospheres by strategically meshing colors, textures, and proportions to create homes that are both beautiful and functional. It's these very tips that many homeowners and apartment dwellers cherish as their little secret to transforming spaces. We're on a quest to unveil one of their quintessential decorating tips — particularly for those calling Gainesville, FL home, such as residents in The Mayfair Apartments.

Designing your home in The Mayfair Apartments is an experience to relish, with spacious floor plans serving as a canvas for your creative vision. Join us as we uncover the decorating secret from professional designers that will elevate your luxury apartment living in Gainesville and make your personal space truly your own.


The Foundation of Good Design

Professional designers often start their process with an inspired vision and a blank canvas. For luxury apartment living, your blank canvas may be a pristine, open plan space just waiting for the right touch. In Gainesville's The Mayfair Apartments, that's exactly what you can expect — a palette of airy rooms bathed in natural light. But where do you begin?

Start with a Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point, an element that draws the eye and anchors the room. Whether it's a stunning piece of artwork, a designer rug, or a statement piece of furniture, a focal point is the central feature that your design revolves around.

Build Your Color Story

Color has the power to transform a space. Professional designers recommend a color story of three to five hues — a dominant color, a secondary color, and accents. In luxury apartments, neutrals often serve as the dominant color, designed to complement your lifestyle and any furniture you bring in.

Texture Adds Depth

Textural contrast brings dimension and visual interest to your space. It's those cozy throws, the patterned pillows, and the rough-hewn coffee table against a smooth backdrop that create a rich tapestry in your home. Luxury apartments in Gainesville beg for lush textures to enhance the comfort of your living space.

Making a Statement in the Mayfair Living Room

Your living room may be the heart of your home — a place where you unwind, entertain, or simply enjoy the view. In The Mayfair, your large living space offers endless possibilities for making a statement that reflects your personal style.

The Focal Point

In a Mayfair living room, it could be the expansive windows that break the space with light, or perhaps a sleek, contemporary fireplace. Whatever its natural assets, find a way to emphasize the feature that most catches the eye.

A Color Palette That Breathes

Bask in the sunshine of the Sunshine State with a light and breezy color story that amplifies the luminosity of the room. Imagine a dominant cream color set against a turquoise as clear as the Gulf, highlighted by sandy beiges and soft grays. This color palette is a serene backdrop for your daily life, mirroring the tranquility of coastal living.

Textures That Touch the Senses

For your Mayfair living room, select sumptuous fabrics like velvet or chenille for your upholstered furniture to elevate the luxury feel. Add a sisal rug for that natural touch, and for window treatments, opt for luxurious drapes in a high-quality fabric that pools slightly on the floor.

Transforming Bedrooms into Personal Sanctuaries

Your bedroom is a personal sanctuary, and in The Mayfair, your bedroom is a haven of rest and relaxation. Here's how to implement the design tips of professionals to create a serene space.

The Focal Point

In a bedroom, it’s often the headboard that becomes the focal point of the room. It ranges from a grand canopy in formal rooms to sleek upholstered pieces with architectural interest in more modern spaces. Choose a headboard that doesn’t just look good but feels good to lean against when reading or watching TV before bed.

A Restful Color Story

For a good night’s sleep, tone down the intensity of your color story in the bedroom. Soft blues, greens, lavenders, and grays are renowned for their calming influence. Pair these wall colors with crisp whites to open up the space and add serenity to your environment.

The Pleasure of Textures

It’s in the bedroom that textures can truly ignite the senses. Sheets with a high thread count, a plush area rug that greets your feet in the morning, and blackout curtains made from rich materials all increase the tactile experience of the room, making your bedroom one you want to spend time in.

A Sneak Peek into The Mayfair’s Designer Kitchens

Even in a kitchen, the principles of good design reign supreme. In your Mayfair kitchen, you have the opportunity to blend aesthetics with functionality seamlessly.

The Focal Point

The kitchen island often serves as both a focal point and a gathering place. Make it a showcase addition with a contrasting color, a unique countertop material, or captivating pendant lighting overhead.

The Timeless Color Story

Classic whites and neutrals ensure that your kitchen feels bright and clean. Accents of color can be added through your backsplash, dishes, and even a kitchen garden of fresh herbs that add life and flavor to your space.

Texture in Every Detail

From the smoothness of your cabinetry surface to the roughness of the wooden beams on the ceiling, every texture contributes to the appeal of your kitchen. Select stainless steel appliances for a modern touch and install crown molding to add a sense of grandeur to the room.

Bringing Professional Elegance to Your Bathroom

Lastly, we can't forget the bathrooms — an often-neglected space that deserves just as much design attention as the rest of your luxury apartment.

The Focal Point

The bathroom's focal point might be the vanity — it’s where you start and end your day, and it should be both beautiful and functional. A statement mirror or unique wall sconces can serve as your focal element here, surrounding your vanity with subdued lighting for the perfect ambiance.

Colors That Cleanse the Soul

For a fresh and spacious feel, use light and cool colors in your bathroom. Soft blues and greens are perfect for creating a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere. Beyond paint, your color story extends to the tiles on your floor, in your shower, and around your tub.

Indulging in Texture

In the bathroom, texture doesn’t just add to the aesthetics — it also adds to the sense of luxury. Consider a pebble floor or a mosaic detail in the shower, and don’t forget about a soft bath mat and plush towels that are a treat for the toes.



Interior design is about much more than surface-level beautification. It's an intimate reflection of your lifestyle, personality, and the way you occupy your space. For luxury apartment dwellers in Gainesville, FL, the quest to make your home a haven is particularly significant. The Mayfair Apartments offer a sophisticated backdrop for your design aspirations, and when you apply the secrets of professional designers, you transform your space into a living work of art. From selecting the perfect color palette to choosing sumptuous textures, every detail counts when it comes to creating a home that's both stylish and livable.

If you're ready to take the next step in transforming your living space, especially at The Mayfair Apartments in Gainesville, FL, put these decorating tips to the test. Their timeless advice will guide you toward a home that's as functional as it is stunning. Contact The Mayfair Apartments today to schedule a personal tour and see for yourself how these tips can manifest in your future luxury apartment. Your personalized oasis in the heart of Gainesville awaits!

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