Five Ways to Declutter Your Apartment

Five Ways to Declutter Your Apartment

Five Ways to Declutter Your Apartment

Are you tired of tripping over piles of clothes or looking at a disorganized mess in your closet? When you have a cluttered home, you may start to recognize that your space lacks function and your mind lacks clarity. Our apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL offer residents a spacious, luxurious place to fit all their belongings and call home. No matter how much you like or dislike cleaning and organizing, it is a necessary practice to keep your home tidy. These are a few ways to declutter your apartment – and keep it organized all the time.

Donate Items Regularly

Go through your closet, cabinets, and other storage areas to take notice of any belongings that you no longer use. If you no longer have use for these items, have duplicate items, or just do not like it anymore, donate it. By cleaning out these areas on a routine basis, you can continue to declutter your space and only keep what you use. Donating items also gives back to those who can find a better purpose for your outdated belongings.

Adopt the “One In, One Out” Practice

To stay consistent with your decluttering practices, adopt some guidelines to live by. The “One In, One Out” guideline allows you to swap out new pieces for old, outdated, or unused ones. In this practice, when you buy something new, you get rid of something old. This way, you prevent the buildup of similar items in your home.

Try the 90-Day Rule

Do you keep belongings for what seems like years? This is a habit that you should consider changing. When you want to declutter, follow the 90-day rule. If you have not used that particular item in at least three months, it may be time to get rid of it. Consider donating these items for reuse, or simply throw it away if it is not in good condition anymore.

Use Wall Space

Consider adding functional storage to your walls. Hooks, shelves, and bookcases add vertical storage that can free up ground space for other things. When you are smart about the space in your apartment, you can declutter the floor space and keep it clean all the time. Hang your coats and bags on hooks or use shelves for books and pictures. This way, these items will not clutter countertops, dressers, and other spaces that are used each and every day.

Clean As You Go

One of the best ways to keep a decluttered home without having long cleaning days is to adopt the clean-as-you-go practice. Try to pick up after yourself each day. Put your laundry away after you wash it and avoid throwing clothes and other items on the floor. When everything has a place, you can make sure that your belongings are put back to avoid any messes or cluttered surfaces.

By following these tips, you can keep your apartment decluttered, neat, and organized all the time. Organizing does not have to be difficult, and with the help of our spacious apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, it can be made easy.

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