The Mayfair Apartments in Gainesville, FL (352) 268-1865
6001 SW 75th Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32608
My first experience at The Mayfair

There was no leasing office, no fancy amenities and no staff when I first stepped foot on the property.  I only knew we would offer one, two- and three-bedroom luxury apartment homes. Our apartments would provide the best of the best features that Gainesville, Fl would offer, and our goal would be to excel in customer service.  Trying to walk professionally in my high heels was a challenge across dirt and rocks, but I knew I had to be here.  This was going to be MY property.  I was about to begin something special.

Prior to the elevators being installed, I walked up the three flight of stairs to view the most beautifully laid out apartment I had ever seen.  There were no walls, but the outline of the kitchen window placement sold me on my decision. No other Gainesville luxury apartment has this feature.  There would be so much light coming into these apartment homes and I couldn’t wait until it was completed to show it off. And there will be a duel temperature wine cooler too? I was just beyond myself in excitement to start helping new residents call The Mayfair home.

For the first few months, I worked out of the construction trailer or at Starbuck’s. This may have been where I started my coffee addiction, so it’s a wonderful thing we serve it daily in our clubhouse. Within weeks of the clubhouse opening, we had a fully equipped fitness center.  I don’t work out; however, I made a promise I would at try out the On-Demand fitness at least once. That still has not happened.  I have no excuse not to really. The playroom would provide me at least 20 mins worth of entertainment for my kids after work. Maybe I need someone to hold me accountable.

Ultimately, I share this experience from my first moments here at The Mayfair so you can truly understand my passion for this community and my residents.  You can see the closeness of our residents at the many different events we host monthly.  My hope is for all to love this community as much as I do.  


Brianne Kocher

Property Manager